Bananas & Boulders …

“Is this adventuring yet Tom?! Tom, this is an adventure yeah?!” Putting my trip out there into the land of social media has had me questioning everything I previously thought I knew about adventuring, until I met up with this little fella  …  Meet Seoris  (age 1¾)   I had the privilege of riding on Seoris’s first […]

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Just walk …

#searchingforpuffins #onlyfindingducks but still, it was worth the Durness detour. Now all I had to do was find the best route south to Belladrum … Hitting Laxford junction in the pouring rain, I missed the start of the trail by the river until I was a few miles down the road. I managed to rejoin […]

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A bap full of Buddiness …

Feeling the effects of the lack of pizza (and perhaps the GT24), I slowly got organised and slipped into my Blackburn Ranger pants. I was off on round 2 but this time I wasn’t alone…. A buddy bap…. Ingredients: Adventure Buddies (or 1 buddy that’s willing to go away and come back again) Time alone […]

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Blackburn … The fringe

  Pedal Damn It … It’s Sunday afternoon and 24hours ago I should have started on the most amazing bike journey, but, with no start line, deadline, or eager adventure buddy hurrying me along, I found myself in a week-long mother of all Faffs! But was it a Faff? Or was it procrastination? This needed […]

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